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For the past two summers, I have been at Uber HQ as Product Design Intern with the uber.COM team which technically falls under Brand. During my time at the company, I had really awesome opportunities to work on great projects that varied in scope and skills. From designing internal tools that affected the way CRM designers were on-boarded--to redesigning the look of some pages through the use, refresh, and creation of blocks--to the creation of a redesigned news portal for the company's policy team to use.

This page showcases the design thinking and progressions of three of the projects I worked on. However, due to the sensitive nature of some projects, I'm unable to fully showcase them publicly. If you're interested in learning more, I'm happy to talk more about the deliverables more concretely at 😉


Newsroom is the primary comms platform at Uber, it allows for direct communication between the company, press, and policy makers. With the potential of controversy surrounding any company, solid communication is vital. Not only does it serve as the voice for Uber, but also gives the company a single source of truth for important stats and assets that may be relevant to users. I was in charge of scoping, researching, and designing the project while serving as the primary point of contact between PMs, other designers, and engineers.

New card system

Implemented a new card system to replace the old infinite scrool. Improving SEO performance in the process.

Partitioned by countries

The content found in this new site is selected based on the users country. No more irrelevant content.

New feautres

Apart from providing news articles, the new site gives content that is useful to its users. A one-stop shop for reporters and policymakers.

Fare Estimator

Fare Estimator is a tool that allows users to see the price of a ride before it is ordered. The importance lies in the ability to quickly and efficiently showcase relevant information to potential riders. If a user enters his/her information and likes what he/she sees, they are incentivized to download the app and become an Uber rider. I designed a new flow and interface to optimize conversion rate and rider education. The following is the latest version.

Multiple iterations

Went through various explorations where accessibility and ease of use were prioritized.


This flow allows users to get familiar with various Uber products and incentivizes them to download the app.

Optimize signups

The easier it is for a person to compare the pricing of various products, the more likely a signup will occur.

Internal Tools

Analyzing data from research and user evaluations. I can talk more about my findings and solutions in person 😛

Having a large team of designers is difficult, especially when said team is partitioned across over 50 cities and 5 continents. The CRM team at Uber is in charge of communication between the company and its users via email. It is often the first impression users get and therefore it's important that all creatives follow the same design language. I helped the CRM team design and build a tool that allowed all designers across the world to easily follow brand guidelines by giving them access to various assets, tips, and information.

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