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Adcade was my first internship, the team was developing a new technology to easily build HTML5 ads and effectively replace Adobe Flash as the go to service to design and build new ads. I worked with the company as a Creative Developer, which means I got the chance to both design and build various interfaces and flows. Due to the bootstrap mentality that comes with a startup, I wore many hats at Adcade. I helped design and build the account creation and deletion flow, as well as various versions of the landing page.

This page showcases the design thinking and progressions of three of the projects I worked on. However, due to the sensitive nature of some projects, I'm unable to fully showcase them publicly. If you're interested in learning more, I'm happy to talk more about the deliverables more concretely at 😉

Account Creation

Creating an account is vital to any company and product, as it is the way new users get added. If a user has a seamless experience navigating himself/herself through the flow, it not only incentivizes them to finish the sign-up process completely but also be excited about the potential of their new product. I was in charge designing the registration flow for new users that went beyond leading them to purchase, it was also optimized to let them personalize their account plans in an elegant and effective UI.

Advanced Registration

Adcade's registration flow for new users does more than lead them to purchase, it lets them personalize their service.

Elegant Interface

The imagery of the product, the features, and the list of users are beautifully shown and portray a quality product.

Helpful and Reassuring

Towards the bottom of each screen there are reassuring facts about the product that help answer common objections a user might have.

Account Deletion

Normal to any product a present rate at which users cancel their subscription (churn). There are many reasons for which an account can be deleted, but the main one is the lack of support or resources a user gets through out his/her time with the service. Frustration grows if user A is unable to solve problem B, or if user C is unaware of the various pricing models the service providers. I was in charge of designing an account deletion flow that not only mitigates churns but also collects valuable feedback to help Adcade improve their product over time.

Mitigates Churns

Provides information that is beneficial to users that are cancelling due to frustration or were unable to solve a problem.

Intuitive Design

A lot of the text and CTAs are used are meant to help a user who is stuck/frustrated.

Collection of Data

The amount of data that can be collected from churned users here is very valuable to the growth of the company.

Landing Page

As Adcade transitioned from a Full-Service agency to a more product based company, the need arose to change the way in which it presented itself to customers, investors, and potential employees. A landing page is often a company's first impression and as a result, it must mirror the goals of said company. An agency wants to tell a story, their website is often a portfolio of work that exemplifies the quality of their work. However, a product based company must inform of the product itself and sell it. I was in charge of designing and building this new vision that would become the face of Adcade.

Redesigned Flow

As the nature of the company shifted from provideng a service to providing a product, attention needed to be given to product.

Built with React

To simplify design/engineer handoff, a front-end protottype was given built on React JS.

Optimize Download

With the nature of a new product, it was essential to provide enough information to allow users to see what the product offered.

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